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Hello folks,

first of all - thanks for following my humble photography. As you may have heard, we are moving back to the exciting city of Berlin! Down side is, we had to close our studio in the Siebengebierge. Upside is, we hopefully get to shoot more outside and on locations in Berlin.

It’ll take some time until we’ve settled in, but there are still some more photos of Ciara, Jenny and Synthia to come.

After 1.5 years I’ve decided to go facebook public. I’d appreciate any comments, likes or sharing.

Thanks again and see you in Berlin 

sjJenny_Box-2 on Flickr.

I had the pleasure shooting with Jenny and Synthia this weekend. Good fun was had and a lot of nice photos will be released the next weeks. It’s a bit slow atm., I mostly have only one hand for post processing ‘cause Scarlett is cuddled at my side :)
And - yes this was the last shooting in the Studio im Siebengebirge. A bit sad because I loved the creative space and possibilities. Anyway, as we are moving to Berlin I’m sure we’ll come up with new ideas and locations to shoot.
Bye Bye Seven Dwarfs!

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